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SkyTech Products (STP) is the daughter company of SkyTech Research (STR), an
Enterprise founded by two professors of the Silesian University of
Technology (SUT), Gliwice, Poland. Both SMEs, members of the Silesian
Aviation Cluster, form together a SkyTech group for performing industrial
research and developmental works in the area of mechatronics and computer
science, in particular for aviation and space sectors. SkyTech Research is
mainly performing RTD activities at lower TRLs. Then, the know-how gained
from this research is transferred (mostly via licensing) to SkyTech
Products.leading toward commercial production and sales.

Both companies of SkyTech group are located in the Technological Park close
to the Silesian University of Technology. Due to this location, companies
can use in their research infrastructures offered by Technological Park.
Once needed, even larger technical resources, including specialized
infrastructures or equipment, can be rented from technical university.
Having such base, from the very beginning, STP was focused on large scale
innovative technologies in aviation, robotics, and augmented reality. It
searches opportunities to exploit technologies developed in STR. In 2014,
its mother company supporting STP with the licensed know-how, became an
essential partner in Telerescuer project, due to contribution of its
founders, two professors with remarkable scientific record who managed in
past large European projects such as Industry-Academia Partnership and
Pathways in 7FP (for example EGALITE ). Telerescuer
(www.telerescuer.eu) is a joint undertaking of three universities and three
industrial partners (including STR). The company is focused in developing
and applying new methods and technologies in telecommunication, air
transport, space technology, robotics and its applications, and the other.
The special attention is paid to breakthrough technologies such as virtual
teleportation, autonomous operation of unmanned vehicles and robots, etc.

The key personnel has broad experience in the field of multidisciplinary
research and in managing research teams capable of achieving ambitious
goals. SkyTech has got broad competences of the research team in virtual and
augmented reality systems, communication systems, image processing,
human-machine interacting, mechatronics, mobile autonomous robots,
autonomous controlling, unmanned flying platforms and flight simulators. As
members of Silesian Aviation Cluster, the companies have also broad access
to technical resources of this organization (including short-time on-demand
licensing of the specialized software for computer aided design and

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