Products and Services

The company is focused on activities of a very practical character. However, in spite of its localisation at the campus of the Silesian University of Technology, and exactly in the TechnoPark at the campus, the company undertakes ambitious goals concerning implementation of the research results that are attained by the Mother Company – SkyTech Research Sp. z o.o. (STR), the leading member of the SkyTech Group. Activities of the SkyTech Products Sp. z o.o. (STP) include, but are not limited to, several branches of Hi-Tech:

1. Design and development of mechanical and mechatronic systems

The company hires highly experienced experts in mobile robotics who developed several mobile robots and groups of the robots. These robots are devoted to inspections of large area objects such as airports, refineries, installations, industrial objects, hazardous areas and many others. A very special kind of mobile robots was also developed which concerns remotely controlled robots for inspecting ventilation ducts. Nowadays the personnel are partially engaged in the development of a mobile robot for inspecting areas of coal mines affected by catastrophes (the project TeleRescuer carried out in the framework of the Research Fund for Coal and Steel financed by the European Commission, which is coordinated by the Silesian University of Technology at Gliwice, Poland).
As a member of the Silesian Aviation Cluster, STP is able to undertake design and development work concerning aviation applications, and space systems.

2. Development of software systems

To this end, STP develops software systems that allow autonomous operation of mechatronic agents, which are capable of working in harsh environment, such as roadways in a coal mine. Particular attention is paid to the localisation and orientation of the robots, and to the navigation. Moreover, substantial work is done concerning building 3D maps of roadways and corridors located underground.
Furthermore, STP develops applications to flagship know-how of the mother company STR, which is virtual teleportation of the personnel to the areas that are either inaccessible to humans, or where humans need not to remain because of very routine or boring tasks to be performed.
Finally, STP develops advanced applications of pattern and image recognition.
Since the personnel of the company possesses deep knowledge in artificial intelligence applications, many software systems feature intelligent behaviour.
STP is capable of undertaking broad collaboration with customers who wish to develop intelligent software systems.

3. Development of tailored solutions of industrial automation and control

STP has broad experience in the design, development, implementation and servicing systems for industrial automation and control. Several applications have been worked out for mass production of seals used in the automotive and construction industry. STP has also its own solutions to systems for process water treatment systems, with special attention paid to antibacterial treatment.

4. CAD, CAE and CAM work

Engineers and experts of STP possess broad experience in implementing numerous CAx systems. The work covers the complete range of product development, starting from conceptual design, simulation, numerical optimisation, FEM calculations, CAD works, and end in CAM applications that yield programs that can be run on CNC milling machines. To this end, the well-known CAx systems such as Catia, Solid Edge, ZW3D, Inventor are used. Simulation work is carried out in Matlab/Simulink, LMS, and other systems.

5. Machining, engineering, final assembly and testing

STP collaborates with precision mechanics enterprises, which allows the company to carry out the work concerning machining of precision parts. 3D CNC milling machines and 3D plotters are used for these purposes. Furthermore, the company assures final assembly of mechanical and electronic systems, as well as comprehensive testing of the equipment.

6. Solving problems of designing mechatronic devices, measurements, telecommunication, automation and control, applied informatics

Experts in mechanical and mechatronic design provide solutions to different design and development problems concerning mechatronic devices, measurements of physical quantities with the use of specialised sensors and sensor networks, telecommunication with special attention paid to wireless networks, automation and control, as well as applied informatics (design of systems, simulators, human-machine interfaces, signal and image processing systems, and many others).

7. Other highly-specified services

Due to the operation in a very much developed engineering area of Upper Silesia and broad contacts with engineers of different branches, STP can offer highly-specified services for customers from the industry (with special attention paid to aviation and space), military sector, agriculture and many others.